Frenky is a man who likes to play games. Simple vanilla sex is never good enough for him. Even though he has a beautiful girlfriend, in the form of blonde bombshell Kate, whose specialty is dressing up in Catholic school girl outfits, Frenky is never satisfied with merely penetrating her wet pussy. He wants to play. And today, Kate is fed up with his antics, so she decides to call in her friend, who just happens to be the sexy porn star Tera Joy. Tera happens to know how to handle a man who is behaving badly. She submits him to the rough discipline that only an experienced female dominatrix knows how to dole out. She ties his hands up to the ceiling with a leather strap, and gags his mouth. They take full control of his body and do exactly what they want with it. No man will ever be in control when Tera Joy is in the room!

Tyrannized Video


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