During his lunch break, one of Jack's employees told him about an amazing massage parlor up the street that had some really sexy women working there. He decided to visit it, and he chose the dungeon parlor as his theme room as he always had a dominatrix fantasy. The girl put a blindfold on him and asked him how many girls he would like to party with. He requested 3 girls total so the dominatrix went and got 2 of her friends. When they walked into the room one of them was shocked that it was her husband! They took his blindfold off and it was hard to tell who was more upset and shocked. Jack being caught by his wife of his wife being caught by Jack. But Jack's wife being the dominant women she was won the battle of who was wrong, and told Jack he was about to get the ultimate punishment.They made him take off all of his clothing and stand completely naked in front of the sexy girls while they examined his flaccid cock. They then had him lay on the dungeon table while they tied up his hands. The girls then took turns face smothering while teasing and denying his cock to avoid him from receiving full pleasure. Finally when the pressure built up to the point he couldn't contain himself, the girls teased his cock slowly forcing the cum to slowly dribble out instead of the hard explosion he was hoping for!

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